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Telepresence Exchange International

TPEX (TelePresence EXchange International) aims to provide an intricate Telepresence network, in order to enable organizations to use TelePresence solutions. To make this possible TPEX collaborates closely with various partners like Cisco, Tata Communications, VisionsConnected and WhyGo.

Telepresence solutions have numerous tangible benefits:

  • A substantial contribution to the reduction of operational costs of organizations, like travelling can be avoided or limited,
  • More efficient use of time by staff because time lost on journeys can now be spent otherwise and people can act more promptly,
  • A considerable reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases due to reduced travelling.

The strength of TPEX lies not only in the provision of the Telepresence Exchange, but also in the way that we offer our services. The Telepresence services are offered based on usage. So customers do not need to purchase any equipment, they only take out a subscription for the use of a Telepresence environment. In other words, TPEX offers Telepresence as a service with different variants, which can be considerably beneficial to customers:

No need for investments in hardware, software or network equipment, instead there are monthly operational costs for the use of a
Telepresence solution/service. No management and maintenance costs for the Telepresence environment, no need to train people, or to sign expensive contracts.TPEX will ensure every system is in optimal condition, Low entry costs, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Our Mission

Being the best TelePresence Solutions company in the world 

We stand for

Creating an honost company with fair prices, high level of customer intimicy, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high quality vallue-added services. 

We Provide Services that will


  • the carbon footprint of our customer


  • cost for travelling
  • time for travelling


  • communication within teams
  • exchange of knowledge
  • the customers' work-life balance