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TPEX proud partner of Smart City Amsterdam


Amsterdam Smart City is a unique collaboration between the inhabitants of Amsterdam, businesses and governments in order to illustrate how energy can be saved, now and in the future. Together we are developing smart projects that will change the world. We test them in Amsterdam first.
The project was initiated by Liander and the Amsterdam Innovation Motor and many new partners have joined eversince. We hope many more will follow!
Amsterdam Smart City focuses on innovative technology combined with stimulating behavioural change of Amsterdam residents. All initiatives should be economically sustainable investments and their benefits are tested in local, small-scale projects. These projects are realised by bringing public and private partners together. The initiatives that prove to be the most effective can be implemented on a large scale, allowing us to create a catalyst for climate and energy programs. The ultimate goal of these projects is the reduction of CO2emissions on an Amsterdam, national and European scale. By doing so, Amsterdam Smart City will contribute towards the achievement of the objectives of the New Amsterdam Climate.
TPEX is proudly of its collaboration with this initiative. 

View the website of Amsterdam Smart City for more information.