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Thinkers50 Announcement

London, 19 March 2012


The Thinkers50 (www.thinkers50.com) is pleased to announce a new partnership with TPEX - Telepresence Exchange international (www.tpex.eu) to run Thinkers50 branded events using the revolutionary telepresence technology.
The first event will feature Marshall Goldsmith (ranked number seven in the latest Thinkers50 and winner of its Leadership Award). On 23 April 2012, Goldsmith will give his unique insights into leadership to an audience watching at executive telepresence suites around the world.

The network of TPEX - Telepresence Exchange International covers 60 international locations -- including Australia, Japan,
China, Russia, India, UAE, Africa, Europe, United States and Canada. TPEX is also able to connect private telepresence locations on almost all managed networks of Tata, BT, Verizon, Orange, Telefonica, AT&T, Colt and Cable & Wireless and is able to integrate with all types of internet-based video conferencing equipment around the world.
“We have used telepresence extensively in our work with corporations,” says Thinkers50 co-founder Des Dearlove. “It is
fantastic technology and will enable some of the world’s thinkers to connect with audiences worldwide. It does not replace face-to-face meetings or attending live events, but it is a compelling alternative, while reducing time and cost for travelling and making our world flatter and greener. We believe it will help bring ideas to new audiences much more effective and efficient and that is what the Thinkers50 is all about.”

The April event will be followed with one on 26 June 26 featuring the Dutch thinker Fons Trompenaars, one of the world’s foremost experts on managing across cultures and a charismatic performer whatever the format.“We already have five event partners on board for the April event. They include some of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing companies – like Cisco, Tata and American Express,” says Robert Rosier, CEO and founder of TPEX - Telepresence Exchange International. “We anticipate developing our partnership with the Thinkers50 as this technology takes off.”

About the Thinkers 50

The definitive global ranking of management thinkers is published every two years. The 2011 winner was Harvard Business School’s Clay Christensen. The ranking is based on voting at the Thinkers50 website and input from a team of advisers led by Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove. The Thinkers50 has ten established criteria by which thinkers are evaluated -- originality of ideas; practicality of ideas; presentation style; written communication; loyalty of followers; business sense; international outlook; rigor of research; impact of ideas and the elusive guru factor.

About TPEX - Telepresence Exchange International

TPEX provides TelePresence and Video Conferencing solutions for high quality and interactive conferencing, learning and events. We connect networks and technology seamlessly, giving our customers a hassle free and almost real face-to-face experience in the areas of multi-network, multi-point, multi-brand interactive conferencing, distance learning and podium and stage events. TPEX connects technology, knowledge and people.


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