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TPEX International provides Immersive TelePresence at World Trade Center Amsterdam


27 August 2012

TPEX – TelePresence Exchange International opened a public telepresence at the WTC Amsterdam at the beginning of August, with possibilities to connect to 76 other public telepresence locations in the world. The system can also connect with over 3,500 public video conferencing locations in the world and to any in-house video system of the customer.

The new system, a Cisco CTS3010 is the largest telepresence system by Cisco and with 3 screens - at full HD 1080p and 30 frames per second - has the capacity to communicate with other telepresence and video systems in the world. Immersive Telepresence technology, the highest possible quality in video conferencing, communicates across its own fiber (no use of the internet) so there will be no time delay detectable and it will equal a real-time meeting. It will seem as if you are seated at the same boardroom table. This system provides a solution, particularly for international organisations with offices all over the world, to save on costs and time, while still being able to attend various international master classes. 

“We have decided to place this showpiece at the WTC Amsterdam because many international companies have offices here. The WTC also is a melting pot of international contacts and new collaborations, so it may contribute to the acceleration of business in various ways” says Robert Rosier, CEO and founder of TPEX – TelePresence Exchange International.

“Having a public telepresence facility at the WTC is an enrichment of the services we have to offer to our tenants and visitors here at the WTC. We are therefore proud to be able to provide this service at our World Trade Centre and we would like to invite everyone to get acquainted with this amazing technology”, adds WTC Amsterdam Real Estate Manager Emile Govaert.

TPEX – TelePresence Exchange International is the world's largest independent provider of public telepresence locations. TPEX is linked to networks of TATA, BT, Verizon, Telefonica, T-systems and Orange and is able to lay connections with any other telepresence network in the world. Currently there already are 76 TelePresence locations in the portfolio and TPEX is the world's leading provider of public locations and the TPEX footprint is expanding rapidly.