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LSSBB Training


With Lean Six Sigma you have the ability to optimize business processes, both measureable and demonstrable, with the customer’s wishes as executioner. And those wishes changes, they’re are not static. Your customer expects better service everytime. That is why in this method, baseline measurements are the starting point. They allow you to expose the potential for improvement within the organization.

Lean Six Sigma integrates two important improvement methods:

• Six Sigma: better and smarter working
• With the Lean-principes: work faster and efficient

The 5 principles of the Lean Six Sigma method::
• Please your clients with swiftness and quality
• Enhance your processes
• Work together for maximum yield
• Ground your decisions on data and facts
• Let the organization embrace the change.

What does Anend offers the future Black Belt owner?

With the Black Belt training, Anend offers a solid, varied knowledge, closely allied to its applications.
What separates this Black Belt education from others, is the combination of Six Sigma, Lean and Change Managementskills, where practicality and interactivity are paramount. These trainingen contains commentation and exercises about the methodical approach, like simulations and rollplaying, so that a Black Belt can mobilize his or her team, surroundings and stakeholders.

You capacitate in 3 enhance techniques:


Six Sigma gives you insight into:

• The Six Sigma method
• The different roles within the Six Sigma project
• To setup processes more costumer friendly
• Statistical support of decisions
• Demonstrate and securing improvemt

Lean gives you insight into:

• Identify and erase the 7 forms of dissipation
• Reveal Value Stream Mapping
• Create Lean sollutions in the proces, so that products and services, through different processteps, are most efficient.
• The continues aim for improvements.

Change Management gives you insight into:

• Creating support for change
• Effective leadership to improvement teams
• Receive insight of your own way of working
• New and fresh work forms
• Receive insight on group dynamic and various rolls within a team
• Efficient communication.

Anend Harkhoe

Anend is a graduated in Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business School Netherlands. Besides the role of management consultant, he is a trainer and coach for Lean Six Sigma training. Within a government organization he gives the full Yellow Belt Training, Green Belt and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma training and coach managers in this methodology.


• Process Improvement (Lean and Six Sigma)
• Trainer and coach Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt
• Awareness sessions process improvement (simulations)
• Workshops process improvement
• Interim Management
• Consulting projects in the field of quality and Procesmanagement
• Commercially responsible for a number of propositions
• Proposition Development

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