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In slower times, achieving results was simpler. For leading organizations, outperforming competitors demanded little more than business as usual. Not so any more because intense competition is rendering historic success formulas obsolete. To continue achieving result in the future, orgnizations will need to compete in new ways, with new skills to satisfy everchanging customer demands.
TPEX provides a wide range of services to many customers on irregular basis. After a period of engagement, we are proud to deliver our services to the following customers on regular basis and worldwide.

TPEX is Abbott's preferred provider for external telepresence and video conferencing rooms. Lately TPEX also provides TelePresence event services to remote venues and event locations.

Per january 2013 Abbvie split from Abbott Companies and is now also using TPEX external TelePresence services on regular basis. 

TPEX provides telepresence global reach for Bacardi Company, by extending their teleresence infrastructure with public rooms worldwide.

TPEX provides external reach services from the BP's TelePresence infrastructure to multiple locations worldwide. 

TPEX provides room remediation solutions and extended global reach for Philips TelePresence infrastructure worldwide.

TPEX organises telepresence services for Korn/Ferry International to any locations in the world in order to optimise the executive search and recruiting process, while delivering the higest quality in interview collaboration.

TPEX provides external reach service for Nemak to Telepresence a TelePresence and Video Locations worldwide. 

TPEX provides external reach services for Proctor & Gamble to TelePresence and Video Conferencing locations worldwide. 



If you would like more information about the services we provide to our customers, please contact us at or call us at +31 (0) 88 1269 300.