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Who we are

TPEX was founded in 2010 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We regard cities, buildings, offices and houses as business platforms where companies, groups and/or individuals should be able to work, live, connect, communicate and collaborate at all time under the highest possible values of safety, continuity, capacity and sustainability. We use state-of-the-art technology and together with our partners, we provide a care-free 100% reliable environment to the fullest extent for our customers.

Our services focus on the design, implementation and management of high-end smart building infrastructures, 24×7 building operation and the provision of a spectrum of smart building services. We provide services ranging from the monitoring and management of the technical building infrastructure, CCTV monitoring and Video Surveillance, high-speed data- and IoT networks up to building access control, building security and communication services for the people who live, work and/or stay in the building.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Object Recognition, Deep Learning and Correlation technology we reduce the cost of Maintenance & Operation, increase the effectiveness of our services and improve the experience and well-being of our end-customers.

We create true “Building Intelligence”

Our services

Our products and services are geared towards the virtualization of infrastructures and processes. Globalization will increasingly cause your assets, your data and your staff to be spread out nationally and internationally, while there remains a growing need to maintain control, to communicate and to connect. Our services support your organization in the consolidation, certification and growth on both a national and an international scale.

Converged Building Infrastructures

Building Infrastructures - Design, Management and Advice

Smart Building Operations and Certification

Installation, Maintenance, Operations and Certification

Smart Building Services & Unified Communications

Video Conferencing, Global Video Productions, Interpretation Services, AV Meeting Services

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TPEX International

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