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Converged Building Infrastructures

TPEX spearheads the design, construction, integration and implementation of innovative building infrastructures. This includes datacentre networks, high speed glass-fibre infrastructures, fibre-to-the-home, PoE, IoT, GPRS, 4G/5G, Internet communication networks, audio & video communications systems and narrowcasting. We provide installation and maintenance of the building management systems, camera security systems, access control systems, intercom systems and fire alarm systems. We collaborate closely with our partners and supervise the project from the design phase, through construction and implementation all the way up to building management.

  • Infrastructure Design & Modelling (BIM)
    As buildings increasingly become platforms that demand a high service-level, we need to design robust, integrated infrastructures to support customers, guests, users and tenants, in order to provide them with the possibility to work, live and play in an error-free environment with unlimited capabilities and capacities. Not only now, but for the next couple of decades, with the demand for internet and energy doubling every 2 years. This requires an integrated approach in the Design & Build phase of the construction / renovation of the new or existing building. Data infrastructures for internet, content distribution, energy management and building monitoring are swiftly becoming an inextricable part of the overall design.
  • Design, Build and Operate Converged Networks
    Where a conventional approach to the design of buildings provides for different networks for various functions to be installed in the buildings, we deliver a design with one single converged network for all data transport in the building, based on a high-speed fibre optic network. All Edge and CPE devices like access points, card-readers, cameras, LED lighting, IR sensoring, audio solutions, narrowcasting and IoT will be connected through PoE (Power of Ethernet) to high-end switches, creating one single converged all-IP network in your building. There will be no more coax or copper cabling with single functionality in the building. We design, build and operate the entire converged network from our Building Operations Center.
  • Building Management Systems
    The management of Smart Buildings requires a different approach compared to the management of a conventional building. Smart Buildings need to deliver high-performance results in areas like energy consumption, environmental sustainability, capacity and the well-being of customers, guests, users and tenants. TPEX designs, builds and operates Smart Building Infrastructures and provides end-to-end monitoring of strategic goals like availability, sustainability, capacity of the entire business platform, while managing all systems of the building, like pumps, electrical circuits, water supply, air circulation systems, data-networks, WiFi, access systems, fire detection, evacuation systems, etc.   We create true “Building Intelligence”.

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From our Operations Control Center, we provide integrated building operations and services for smart buildings in every phase using best-in-class technology and services from world-class providers.

Converged Building Infrastructures

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