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Smart Building Operations and Certification

TPEX manages smart building infrastructures from A to Z. For example, we monitor the building’s data networks (internet, communication), building’s systems such as the water pressure installations, electrical installations, air flow systems, elevators, access doors, fire alarm systems, etc. From our 24×7 Building Control Room we monitor the entire platform with all its aspects. TPEX is also the first (BRE) BREEAM In-Control Operations Centre that supervises the sustainability aspects of modern buildings. Our Control Room specialises in integral 24×7 Building Operations, Security Operations (SOC), Deep Learning Video Content Analysis & Surveillance. In fulfilling this responsibility we work closely with all technical installation & maintenance partners and coordinate the activities in relation with our customers SLA’s for availability, security and capacity.

  • 24 x 7 Smart Building Operations
    From our 24×7 Building Operations Centre we manage your building(s) in terms of access control, building infrastructures, electrical systems, water pressure systems, HVAC systems, fire detection systems, etc. If a problem arises, we will coordinate with the technical installation partners to find a solution and perform replacement of faulty systems
  • Video Surveillance / Video Content Analyses
    Our Security Operations Centre provides Video Surveillance Service for buildings and environments. We use object-recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to recognise objects, persons, situations and behaviour. Our correlation methods can predict critical situations and risks by alerting the Video Surveillant before the situation even occurs. Video Content Analyses observes the use of buildings and areas afterwards and advises the AI system to recognise similar situations the next time they occur.
  • BREEAM Continuous Monitoring (In-Control)
    TPEX is DGBC partner and may certify your building for environmental sustainability. As we are a building operations centre managing your environment on a continuous basis, our focus is to drive improvements of the sustainability by monitoring all aspects of the BREEAM In-Use scheme on a real-time or periodic basis. We analyse the current performance of the building and set new goals for the new upcoming period. We call our approach BREEAM In-Control, adding the extra dimension – time – to the In-Use scheme.
  • Unattended Operations
    As our world has become a global economy, the operating hours of buildings, shopping centres, car parks, entertainment areas, fitness centres, etc., need longer opening hours and sometimes even run 24 x 7. This drives up operating costs for personnel to higher levels. Our Unattended Operations scheme provides a low-cost solution, while you may extend your operations hours to new levels. We can manage intercoms, control doors, observe areas (CCTV), provide virtual assistance for guests and instruct mobile surveillants to visit locations where local support is required.

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From our Operations Control Center, we provide integrated building operations and services for smart buildings in every phase using best-in-class technology and services from world-class providers.

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