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Smart Building Services & Unified Communications

Communication in our global world is becoming increasingly virtual. The introduction of worldwide internet technology causes boundaries of nations, cities, office locations and also businesses to fade away. Everybody is always working everywhere and is always connected.

Within this disruptive innovation, TPEX focuses on the virtualisation of the communication within the business services sector. These are services such as virtual reception services, video conferencing, streaming, broadcasting, translation services and general audio-visual services.

  • Unified Conferencing
    Using Video Technology to collaborate with your employees or co-workers is not the future, it is the present. Today’s modern society requires technology that enables you to virtually connect with employees, customers and organisations on a global scale, because communication is one of the pillars that a successful company rests on. Integrating renewed ways of communication throughout your existing hardware, connecting you with any device, that is what we do.
  • Global Video Productions & Broadcasting
    TPEX specialises in providing all kinds of video-related services to enterprising companies who wish to streamline their communications. We support the business processes by optimising communications and knowledge-sharing between global teams or customers and broadcasting information to selected groups inside or outside company boundaries.
  • Virtual Reception Services
    Virtual Receptions services provides a solid solution for the after-hours during unattended operations. Your tenants and visitors can connect to the Smart Building Operations Centre for assistance through a video/audio link. The Virtual Receptionist is able to open doors, print tickets, call technical service partners or simply call a taxi for external visitors departing late in the evening.
  • Virtual Interpreter Services
    Our Virtual Translation Solution makes it possible to virtualise multilingual events and meetings by using our Translation Platform. Speakers, participants and translators are virtually connected to ensure that everyone can participate in their own native languages, through this high-end, cost-effective solution that takes down any possible language barriers.
  • AV Meeting Services
    Organising a business event or conference can be a great way to stimulate work ethics, build relations, launch products and share knowledge. Holding a speech is one thing, composing the technical fragments around the business event is the real challenge. Integrating audio-visual solutions for your personalised event by meeting your every desire, that is where we come in.

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From our Operations Control Center, we provide integrated building operations and services for smart buildings in every phase using best-in-class technology and services from world-class providers.

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