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Amsterdam, 22 June 2021 – The Amsterdam-based company TPEX International will enter into a strategic partnership with Planon, the global market leader in property and facility management software. TPEX and Planon will work together intensively, to ensure that TPEX can provide its complex 24/7 services for smart buildings even more efficiently. Through the integration of Planon’s full software suite, TPEX will be able to provide Smart Building as a Service (SBaaS) at an even better level and also help asset managers, property managers, investors and end users to achieve the high-performance and high-sustainability objectives for smart and sustainable buildings. Adding Planon to the unique strategy of TPEX comes at exactly the right time, since TPEX currently experiences rapid growth, while serving increasingly large clients with extensive portfolios. By joining forces, Planon and TPEX become the frontrunners in the field of management of smart buildings.


Buildings are becoming more complex because of all the demands that are set (Paris Proof, BENG), but also because an increasing number of control systems within buildings need to work together in an integrated manner to achieve the desired performances. Building owners and tenants demand a healthy and safe building to work in, as that is where they spend the majority of their working day. TPEX International is a Smart Building Operator, supporting building owners and asset managers and property managers in reaching their ambitions with the help of innovative, smart technology. These ambitions may range from the improvement of energy performances and building occupancy to lowering costs for maintenance on technical systems. Also included may be ‘smartening up’ of entire portfolios consisting of many buildings that were built and/or managed in the traditional way. TPEX has developed a unique service for this: Smart Building as a Service. This SBaaS provides solutions for the design, realisation, operation or financing of smart buildings. TPEX is able to provide solutions on a OPEX basis, particularly where making existing portfolios more sustainable is concerned, where savings will be greater than investments. 

Robert Rosier, CEO and founder of TPEX International:
“Our services focus on monitoring and managing smart buildings. We collect available data from buildings (data driven real estate) ranging from climate systems and energy consumption to burglar alarms and fire alarms. All these data are directed to the Digital Twin of the building and are monitored and compared with the desired performances 24/7 from our Operations Control Centre (OCC). In the OCC we monitor, analyse, validate, coordinate, control and react to these data in order to optimise and maximise the performances of the building. From now on, full handling of breakdowns, plus processing of tasks in the field of planned or remedial maintenance will take place in the Planon software suite which is fully integrated in the operational activities of TPEX. With the deployment of Planon we can be certain of unilateral and structured records concerning information in the asset register, planned maintenance and condition metering for all buildings managed by us. This will allow our operations to maintain their efficiency, even when upscaling to hundreds of buildings.


Portfolios of buildings with multiple owners, where several hundred maintenance parties are active become extremely simple to manage, with the use of this powerful software. As we make the data available for our customers through the Digital Twin, we provide an ecosystem that benefits every stakeholder.”


Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon: 

“Planon has been transformed to become an open platform, which means we work together with technology partners in order to provide our customers as extensive an ecosystem as possible. This enables us to offer customers real added value. The collaboration with TPEX fits perfectly within this ecosystem. Both organisations also work closely together with Schneider Electric. Electronic devices from Schneider Electronics are already available in approximately one-third of all the buildings in the world and all these devices produce a lot of data. The automatisation of generating, processing and interpreting these data from smart buildings creates an opportunity to make great strides in terms of efficiency and sustainability. For a new building this is relatively simple usually, but what if you are a large organisation consisting of dozens or hundreds existing buildings, which you wish to manage intelligently, without having to invest millions? This is where TPEX provides the perfect solution. By opting for SBaaS, you will not be faced with huge investment costs, while you will still be able to benefit from the Internet of Things revolution and possibilities.”


About TPEX

TPEX International was founded in 2010 and is a Smart Building Operator that supports building owners and asset managers and property managers by realising their ambitions with innovative smart technology. In January, TPEX became the first Smart Building Operator of the worldwide Schneider Electric, the most sustainable company in the world. Since that time, many new international projects were started and the enterprise has enjoyed a rapid growth. The timing to enter into this partnership at this particular time is fully in line with the with the company’s long-term strategy.  At the moment, TPEX’ activities include the management of large portfolios of the likes of IWG/Spaces, HNK and EDGE.


About Planon

With over 35 years of experience, Planon is the leading global provider of innovative software, proven best practices and professional services that help building owners and occupiers, commercial service providers, and financial controllers to streamline business processes for buildings, assets, workplaces and people. Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for over 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world.



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