Our Story


Our success story continues as we pursue our vision to be a sustainable real estate value chain partner. This strategy aims to provide comprehensive services from designing and developing to managing sustainable assets, ensuring the performance of High Performance Buildings for years to come. TPEX is preparing to expand further into Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. We have also moved to a new location, featuring a sophisticated Building Operation Control Center. TPEX remains a leader in managing sustainable real estate and is proud to collaborate with our esteemed partner, Schneider Electric.


In 2023, TPEX transitioned into a Digital Building Operator, elevating clients’ portfolios to High Performance Buildings. Our focus encompasses three main themes—Commissioning, Digitalization, and Operations—across four key knowledge areas: Sustainability, Wellbeing, Maintenance, and Security. Our international customer base is expanding, with new projects in Germany complementing our established presence in the Netherlands. Key clients now include IWG, NSI, EDGE, Nuveen, BNP Paribas, and CBR.


In 2021, the world recognized the urgency of conserving natural resources, the potential economic disruption from global health crises, and the critical need to combat climate change. TPEX embraced the challenge to positively impact the sustainability of real estate. Our goal is to operate 1,000 buildings by 2030, transforming them into High Performance Buildings with superior indoor air quality, low carbon footprints, and zero waste. We define waste as the inefficient use of natural resources, suboptimal building operations, and supply chain inefficiencies.


From 2018 onwards, TPEX broadened its operational focus to entire buildings, not just CCTV and intrusion systems. Managing the production processes of entire buildings became analogous to managing IAS systems. As a building operator, TPEX aims to enhance production processes, resulting in happier customers and more efficient, cost-effective technology.


As video conferencing became a viable business alternative to travel, using laptops for video meetings became standard. The need to travel to hotels for meetings with overseas colleagues was replaced by a blend of high-end video conferencing and more accessible, daily-use solutions. TPEX managed over 10,000 connection inquiries annually for diverse business purposes, including job interviews, board meetings, and large town hall events. Hybrid meetings became the new norm.

Beyond video conferencing, TPEX expanded its services to include general video management, such as video surveillance. One of our first major projects was providing video surveillance services for Spaces and NSI/HNK locations. By the end of 2017, TPEX was managing over 1,000 CCTV cameras in 50 locations, coordinating all escalation processes in cases of fire, burglary, and intrusion. Our operational expertise proved invaluable in taking full ownership of processes and improving cost-efficiency.


TPEX began operations in 2010 as the TelePresence Exchange International, serving as the international scheduling department behind Tata Communications’ public telepresence network. Managing 64 public telepresence systems worldwide required a 24/7 operations desk to handle scheduling inquiries from high-end customers like Coca-Cola, Philips, Rio Tinto, and Bacardi. Telepresence was one of the pioneering sustainable solutions, reducing the need for international air travel and helping companies lower their carbon footprint through high-end video conferencing. TPEX introduced the Exchange to facilitate communication between high-end video systems across broadband networks such as Tata, AT&T, BT Networks, and more.