Building Digitalisation

TPEX designs, builds, and operates digital data infrastructures for buildings. This encompasses everything from connecting and collecting metering data, integrating building management systems, to implementing advanced microgrid installations. A digital data infrastructure acts as the nervous system of modern buildings, essential for driving them to optimal performance.

Data is maintained in the Digital Twin of the building, which holds current state data of all settings, sensors, and process data. This data is also converted into a historical data source to provide trend analysis.

TPEX is standardized on Microsoft Real Estate Core V4, creating ‘open’ digital twins that provide access to data for our customers and other suppliers. For example, occupancy data can be utilized by various systems or providers: the BMS system can use it to manage proper climate settings, landlords can perform rent analyses, and caterers can determine the number of meals needed for lunch. This exemplifies real data-driven process optimization within real estate.

TPEX designs, implements, and operates the digital data infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration between all stakeholders in the building.