Building Operations

Our Operations Control Centre is the hub of communication between all parties involved in building management. We monitor, manage, operate, and maintain building infrastructures on a 24/7 basis, taking full responsibility not only for providing advice but for delivering results. Our operations focus on four key areas: Sustainability & Energy Management, Wellbeing, Maintenance, and Security. We act as the first point of contact, coordinate all suppliers in the value chain, and provide real-time reporting to our customers.

In today’s world, Control Rooms are familiar in various sectors such as security, broadband networks, energy, flight operations, and the food industry. TPEX has established an Operations Control Room specifically for the real estate production process. We monitor the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects of buildings within large portfolios and take action in collaboration with relevant parties. We believe that integrating an Operational Partner into a Technical Process enhances efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

TPEX is not a technical maintenance partner or installation expert; we are a building operator, managing the operational processes within buildings. Our third-line support comprises technical partners with whom we work closely to find optimal solutions. We provide helpdesk services, incident and problem management, change management, cost management, supplier management, information security management, service level management, and reporting.