EDGE Technologies

EDGE is dedicated to developing buildings holistically, allowing for creativity and innovation. EDGE approach is based on four pillars—wellbeing, sustainability, design, and technology. These pillars are fully integrated into their building development blueprint, ensuring exceptional quality in all their projects.

TPEX supports EDGE by providing comprehensive (Technical) Property Management for their buildings. Our services ensure that each property is maintained to the highest standards, enhancing EDGE’s commitment to creating superior environments, and that the EDGE promise is delivered in terms of sustainability of the buildings.

TPEX Services Include:

  • (Technical) Property Management: Ensuring optimal performance and maintenance of all building systems.
  • Digital Building Operations, working closely with Landlord’ existing asset and property manager and manage the day-to-day operations of the building.
  • Security Services : Implementing advanced security measures to safeguard tenants and properties.
  • Building Services: Providing a range of tailored services like handyman, fit-out support or certification coordination to meet the unique needs of each building.
  • Building Maintenance: From small maintenance tasks to comprehensive, year-round planned maintenance, including corrective maintenance when necessary.

Our collaboration ensures that EDGE buildings operate seamlessly, upholding the principles of wellbeing, sustainability, design, and technology. As Edge plans to retain control in the quality of its delivered projects’ energy consumption, the integration with TPEX is a strategic decision. By maintaining control over the core building systems, Edge will not only develop according to their blueprint, but also maintain quality and deliver sustainable, long-term value in the real estate market.