At Bosman and Verkerk – As part of the Vinci Energy Group, a world leader in concessions, energy and construction – there are dedication on providing and managing technical solutions for a comfortable living and working environment. Their combined mission is to collaborate with customers to achieve results that can all be proud of. Creating and seizing opportunities is at the core of the combined organization’s ethos. It’s a mindset that ensures quality, reliability, and continuity in everything they work for.

TPEX plays a crucial role in supporting Bosman and Verkerk by offering a comprehensive suite of tailored services, including:

  • 24/7 BMS Support: TPEX provides round-the-clock Building Management System (BMS) support for various locations, ensuring the coordination and resolution of critical issues within the system.
  • Commissioning Management: TPEX is actively involved in optimizing the performance of various high-end office locations through effective commissioning management.

At Bosman and Verkerk, specialize in renewing, accelerating, and making sustainable improvements in building-related installations. Their focus on delivering high-quality solutions spans across industries including real estate, healthcare, energy infrastructure, and more. Together with TPEX, we’re committed to providing exceptional service and driving innovation in the technical services sector.