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Smart Building Operator TPEX International offers complete Smart Buildings Technology ‘As a Service’, based on the EcoStruxure product line.

AMSTERDAM 21 January 2021 – Amsterdam-based TPEX International is to become the world’s first EcoStruxure Building Operations Expert partner of multinational Schneider Electric. Through this collaboration building owners and asset managers will be provided with an integrated product line, 24×7 management and full, cloud-based operations for smart buildings, to be offered on the basis of ‘pay-per-use’ and ‘as a service’. 

(Bron : Schneider Electric press release: https://www.se.com/nl/nl/about-us/press/local/2021/smart-building-operator-tpex.jsp)

Prompted by the demands in the buildings decree (Paris Proof, nZEB) and the perspective of users who require more comfort, a healthier building and higher productivity, buildings should increasingly be designed as smart buildings. These buildings are fitted with large numbers of sensors and complex digital infrastructures. In this day and age, productivity, sustainability and a healthy building are the top priority for owners and asset managers. The smart technology includes access control, security, lifts and lighting, but also CO2, temperature and humidity within the buildings. Robust system integration and management of daily operations are essential in order to have all these individual systems working together. With its approach, TPEX guarantees that all technology in a smart building will come fully into its own and the objectives (lower operational costs, sustainability and a healthier building) will also be realised in the long term. TPEX has its own Smart Control Room available for 24/7 active monitoring of all technology (including the building management system, the sensors, the IP backbone, etc.) and as chain director TPEX directs all installers and maintenance parties.


The EcoStruxure platform of Schneider Electric is open, modular and scalable, allowing for easy linkage with technology from other providers. Smart buildings are often delivered with modern and intelligent software (such as a building management system), however this environment then remains unused or insufficiently used after delivery and during day-to-day operation of the building. A smart building requires daily monitoring and daily adjustments in order to reach the desired levels of performance. The deployment of AI analysis tools from Schneider Electric and the 24×7 Operation from TPEX enable improved monitoring of buildings, which ensures better performances and lower costs.

Debby Slofstra, Country President Schneider Electric The Netherlands: “For Schneider Electric, the collaboration with TPEX means that together we will be able to provide management for smart buildings in the form of integrated service provision. Our products are currently used as part of a 24×7 provision of services from TPEX and these products will be monitored in real time, in order to realise better performances for energy use and well-being. By adding our AI products such as Building Advisor and Energy Advisor to the building management system, it will be possible to conduct extensive analyses on the utilisation of the results of the building, eventually leading to more efficient and sustainable buildings.”

Robert Rosier, CEO & founder of TPEX: “Together with Schneider Electric we can ensure the actual realisation of the full potential in smart buildings. This means a more sustainable operation, a higher level of user experience and a more attractive return on investment in the long term. Besides this, in this collaboration we will also be offering EcoStruxure technology such as “as a service” and “pay-per-use” from the cloud, fully financed for the entire period of utilisation of the building. We will become the first party to offer EcoStruxure products this way, also to building developers and installers.”


About TPEX

Since 2010, TPEX has been implementing state-of-the-art technology in order to offer users of buildings the best experience possible and owners/investors of real estate the best possible return on investment. TPEX provides active 24/7 management with video surveillance, access detection and remote monitoring of all measurement and control functionalities of the systems in a building. TPEX is a Smart Building Operator, providing daily monitoring of all active building-based systems and directing the entire maintenance process. In its activities, TPEX closely collaborates with maintenance parties, while it creates one holistic image, relevant to the objectives of the building.

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industries. Operating in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputed frontrunner in energy management (medium voltage, low voltage and secure power) and automation systems. We deliver integrated, efficient solutions, combining energy, automation and software. In our worldwide ecosystem we work together on our open platform with the largest network of partners, integrators and developers to realise realtime control and operational efficiency.
We believe our people and partners can make Schneider a successful organisation. With our efforts in the field of innovation, diversity and sustainability we ensure that ‘Life is On’ for everyone, everywhere and always.

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Schneider Electric press release: https://www.se.com/nl/nl/about-us/press/local/2021/smart-building-operator-tpex.jsp

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